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Colored Conventions Project

The Colored Conventions Project (CCP) is a scholarly and community research project dedicated to bringing the seven decades-long history of nineteenth-century Black organizing to digital life. Mirroring the collective nature of the nineteenth-century Colored Conventions, CCP uses innovative, inclusive models and partnerships to locate, transcribe, and archive the documentary record related to this nearly forgotten history and to curate digital exhibits that highlight its stories, events and themes.

Founded in a graduate class at the University of Delaware and now housed at Penn State University’s Center for Black Digital Research, the CCP brings together interdisciplinary scholars and students, librarians and independent researchers, national teaching partners and media specialists, academic institutions, and members of the public. More than 2,500 people—scholars and teachers around the country, undergraduates, and members of the public—have contributed their time and energy to our ongoing, online effort of transcribing convention minutes and creating digital exhibits. Supported by prestigious grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Mellon Foundation, CCP is excited to continue expanding its nationwide collaborations in teaching, learning, and celebrating the history of Black organizing.

For all inquiries and questions, please contact us at

See the film, Why Hold a Colored Convention?” (2019) produced, directed and edited by datejie cheko green for the CCP.


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