Organizing Stories

By datejie cheko green

Wednesday 8 March 2017 • International Women’s Day

Sooner or later, most people discover the organizer within. It could be anything: harassment in the classroom or the bathroom, neglect of home and community, surveillance in stores, at work, in the streets or at borders, violation by leaders, institutions, neighbours or family members.

It could come privately, like being scammed or excluded. It could unfold collectively, like poisoned drinking water, or the destruction and theft of land and livelihood. Or it could be global, like economy-wide layoffs, or the mass desacration and devaluation of public wealth, while financiers and owners slip away on vacation.

These are just a sample of a million indignities that can light the first fire inside, pushing people to choose, to act, and then reach beyond one’s self for support and alliance. Together we register petitions, form protests, run campaigns, mobilize safety, walk out, fight back or refuse to engage. We don’t wait for cameras or require an audience. We work.  MORE…