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What are your #OrganizingStories?

By datejie cheko green

In collaboration with the Organizing Equality International Conference, taking place March 24-26 2017, solidarity conscious radio is showcasing interviews and conversations with invited organizers, activists and scholars.

In the lead up and beyond, I am asking organizers everywhere, no matter how big or small, “what are your #organizingstories?”

At this time, I don’t have a budget to compensate people’s submissions or original works. I’m working on it, and until then what I can offer are conversations and connections, for the moment and for the future.

I invite you to share your #organizingstories in a way that helps build an open, Creative Commons-based repository and a future forum beyond social media platforms. This way I can thoughtfully connect with those who do the work, better know the details of what’s at stake, and more easily and directly find ways to connect in solidarity.

Image: solidarity conscious radio studio Credit: datejie cheko green ©©2017

You can submit or connect through the following channels.

ON INSTAGRAM @solidarity.conscious Link me to your photos and illustrations. Make sure to include who to credit as the image / photo creators and who are the subjects portrayed, so I can #saytheirname. If it’s safe to do so, tell me more about the scene you’ve shared, when and where it happened, and some clues about what came of it later on.

ON TWITTER @seeksolidarity  Share your favourite memory, link your most inspiring song, protest sounds, public speeches, radio or video clip. Be sure to include info about its source, for credit and connection.

VIA YOUTUBE Help me build a MUSIC PLAYLIST of #organizingstories  Link me to your best political, defiant, celebratory, life loving music and poetry, so I can build a soundtrack to our struggles, strivings and celebrations.

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